Social Democrat Cllr. Jennifer Whitmore has expressed her frustration at the lack of transport funding for County Wicklow, following this week’s announcement of the 2018 Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) allocations.

Whitmore said “Once again, Wicklow is at the bottom of the pack when it comes to transport funding. It has received a meagre €3.7m in this year’s allocation, compared to the likes of Kildare that received €26.5m and Mayo that received €35.9m. In particular, it is hard to believe that the only funding that TII have provided for N11 improvements is €100,000 for the N11 Kilmacanogue Parallel Service Road. This poor level of funding really is not good enough – especially when compared with the allocations that other counties have received. 

“Anyone that commutes to Dublin on the N11 knows that the road is becoming more and more congested and journey times are increasing significantly. This, combined with the fact that people are being forced to live further away from their workplaces due to rising house prices, means that it is imperative that the Government invest in this critical piece of infrastructure. 

Whitmore continues “It really does beggar belief that whilst the TII, in their M11/N11 Corridor Study in April of last year, specifically stated that “any further delay in investment in this section of the M11/N11 will lead to further increases in congestion along the corridor; and will further constrain growth in the north and east of Wicklow and the Dún Laoghaire Rathdown area, as a result of reduced competitiveness and productivity”, that this investment is not forthcoming. The N11 requires it’s promised third lane and it requires it without delay.