Children & Communities

Inclusive Playground

Jennifer worked with a team of parents and Wicklow County Council to deliver Ireland’s most inclusive playground – where children of all ages and abilities can play side-by-side.

Charlesland Soccer Camp

“We cannot thank Jennifer enough for the support we have received and we would not of been able to succeed without her. Jennifer has been the silent driving force behind the planning and we are extremely lucky to have her involved in our community and look forward to many years of her continued support.” Paul Smith, Committee Member

Youth Centre for Charlesland

Jennifer worked with a group of parents from Charlesland to successfully lobby for a Youth Centre for Charlesland to meet the growing needs of the community.

Children's Hospital

Jennifer was the only politician in Wicklow to actively campaign for the new National Children’s Hospital to be moved out of its city centre location to a more accessible site.  Wicklow families deserve to have quick access to the hospital in case of emergencies.

Garda Pop-up Clinic for Delgany

Following a spate of anti-social behaviour in Delgany, Jennifer organised for the Wicklow Arms (a main street vacant premises) to be used as a Pop-Up Garda Clinic.

Working with Schools

Jennifer works with schools all over the county, whether its rolling out Marine Education programmes, helping with Broadband access or being involved in their management. Jennifer is currently the Chair of the Greystones Community National School.

Wicklow’s Environment

East Wicklow Rivers Trust

Jennifer is a founding member of the East Wicklow Rivers Trust to protect & enhance Wicklow’s rivers.


Protecting the River Vartry

Jennifer worked with local Ashford residents to ensure that works proposed by Irish Water on the Roundwood reservoir would not impact on the Vartry River.

Saving Luggala

Luggala is of strategic importance to Wicklow’s film sector – Govt should purchase it and incorporate it into the National Park.



Water fountains

Jennifer has the following motion on the December 2018 agenda: “That Wicklow County Council install a network of water fountains and bottle-refill stations across each Municipal District to help reduce the use of single-use packaging, such as plastic water bottles”. 

Marine Education Programmes

Jennifer worked with Bray Aquarium to roll out the marine explorer programme to primary schools in Wicklow. Jennifer’s background is in fisheries and marine science.

Saving Luggala

Luggala is of strategic importance to Wicklow’s film sector – Govt should purchase it and incorporate it into the National Park.



Public Transport

Local Link Community Bus

Jennifer is working with Local Link to bring community bus service to connect Wicklow towns.

Wicklow needs a regular, high-quality bus transport service linking our towns and villages, enabling our businesses to thrive and our communities to connect.”


Petition for Local Bus Service

Jennifer collected 3,500 names on a petition for a local link bus routes.

Dart Disarray

A Progressive Republic

Repealed! the 8th


Separation of Church & State

Jennifer believes that it is important that children learn about all religions and none – however, she belives that belief formation should happen outside of the school day.

Our National Maternity Hospital

“Healthcare should be provided to women based on medical need – and not influenced by religious ideology.”