Social Democrats Candidate for Wicklow Cllr. Jennifer Whitmore has welcomed news from Irish Rail this evening that they are increasing capacity on the train line to Bray / Greystones by adding an additional eight carriages to the current train stock. 

Cllr. Whitmore said “Over the past number of weeks, there has been considerable capacity and timetable issues for passengers, primarily from Greystones and Bray but also with knock-on effects to those traveling on the diesel from south Wicklow. People have become very frustrated by the increased time it was taking to complete their journey, and also with the overcrowding that was happening on many trains. I undertook a public consultation to collate all the difficulties that passengers were experiencing and I passed all this information onto Irish Rail, and I would like to thank everyone that got involved.”

“I am pleased to say that Irish Rail have contacted me this evening to let me know that they are making some changes to the service over the coming weeks that should go someway to alleviate the problems. This includes increasing Dart capacity by providing an additional eight carriages into the service. This means that there will no longer be any four-carriage Darts on this line. This will assist with the general overcrowding from Bray into the city centre, and should assist in overcrowding from Greystones. It will also benefit, in particular, the 17.30 service from Malahide to Greystones each evening.”

Whitmore continued “In addition, Irish Rail have agreed to conduct a public consultation (which will commence Thursday, 8th for a timetable coming into effect from 9th December) to get feedback from passengers on the commuter service. I would ask everyone to take part in this consultation in the hope that Irish Rail will be able to implement some timetable changes to enable the service to better reflect what passengers need.“